Onewash Project, Ethiopia

Piloting underway for largest ever Cosmos roll-out Pilot testing and preparations are underway for Ethiopia’s National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) Inventory, which will see Cosmos rolled out on 4,000 tablets across Ethiopia in its biggest deployment yet. The test … Continue Reading

CARD-F Project, Afghanistan

Monitoring the effectiveness of UK Assistance to the Afghan Agriculture Sector In 2016, Coffey was appointed as the Independent Technical Reviewer by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for the Comprehensive Agricultural and Rural Development Facility (“CARD-F”) in Afghanistan. … Continue Reading

LFSP Project, Zimbabwe

Improving Livelihoods and Food Security Programme in rural Zimbabwe The Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) is a four-year programme which aims to increase agricultural productivity, increase incomes, improve food and nutrition security, and reduce poverty in rural Zimbabwe. … Continue Reading

GEMS4 Project, Nigeria

Increasing incomes and employment opportunities in Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector Growth and Employment in States 4 (“GEMS4”) is a £16.8m, five-and-a-half-year programme aimed at improving the livelihoods of the poor and women in Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector (WRS), … Continue Reading